No Objection Certificate from Airports Authority of India (AAI) / Ministry of Defence (MOD) for Height Clearance of various structures

NOC from AAI

No-Objection Certificate (NOC) is a crucial document that needs to be obtained before construction of any structure within a radius of 20 kms from the Aerodrome Reference Point (ARP) of civil and Defence aerodromes that exceeds the permissible height in the vicinity of Airports under their respective control.

NOC is issued by the operator of a concerned Aerodrome, i.e., AAI / MOD; and is required for any construction or alteration of any structure, such as a building, a tower, a chimney, or any other high structure that can potentially interfere with the safety and operation of aircraft.

Directorate General of Civil Aviation (DGCA) is the regulatory body responsible for ensuring the safety of the airspace around all airports in India. It is their job to ensure that no structures exist in the vicinity of an airport that can potentially cause any obstruction to the safe operation of aircraft. Therefore, DGCA requires that any proposed structure that exceeds a certain height be cleared by AAI / MOD before construction commences.

The height clearance process involves submission of an application to AAI / MOD for obtaining the NOC, along with all relevant documents, including the proposed design, drawings, location plan, and other details of the structure as required. AAI / MOD then assesses the proposal to determine if the structure will pose any threat to the safety of the airspace around the airport. This assessment is based on various factors such as the height of the structure, its location, and its potential impact on the flight path of aircraft.

If AAI / MOD is satisfied that the proposed structure will not pose any threat to the safety of the airspace, they will issue the NOC. However, if AAI / MOD determines that the structure may cause any obstruction, the applicant may be required to make changes to the proposed structure to ensure that it meets the safety requirements.

It is important to note that obtaining an NOC from AAI / MOD is a mandatory requirement under the Indian Aircraft law, and failure to do so can result in serious consequences. DGCA, being the regulatory body, has the authority to order the demolition of any structure that has been erected without obtaining the NOC. Therefore, it is essential to comply with the regulations and obtain the necessary NOC before beginning any construction or alteration work.

NOC is valid for a specific period and is subject to renewal if the construction work has not been completed within the validity period. NOC is not transferable, which means that if the ownership of the structure changes, the new owner must obtain NOC in their name.

In conclusion, NOC from MOD / AAI is a critical requirement for any construction work that involves structures that exceed the permissible height in the vicinity of an airport. NOC ensures that the safety of the airspace around the airport is not compromised, and that the construction work meets all the necessary safety requirements. It is essential to obtain No Objection Certificate before beginning any construction work and to comply with all the regulations to avoid any legal consequences.

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